What does the Shortlist/No Thanks/Book Buttons do on PopBookings?

When you are hiring talent on PopBookings, you have the option to shortlist, say "no thanks," or book talent. Learn more about what these functions do.

Shortlist Button

This button adds a talent user to a list of potential candidates for the job you posted. No notifications are sent to the talent. If you have a long list of applicants, this tool can help you keep organized on who you are considering from the list. 

Who Sees Shortlist? 
This is an internal category for you. Talent do not see that they are shortlisted. This helps you quickly see who you have contacted from your applicant list. 

No Thanks Button

This button removes the talent from your list of applicants. Like the shortlist option, selecting this does not notify the talent user in any way. 


Book Button

This button takes you to the "booking" tab on the event where you can schedule talent, confirm them for the job. Booking talent from the booking tab will notify talent with instructions they will need 

Learn more about how to book talent from the booking tab here.



Once talent is booked, they will see the job in their "Bookings" tab on the PopBookings app. They will have received the job instructions via email/text/push notification on the app. At this point, you will have paid for this booking based on your plan.

To remove them from the job, you can follow these steps.