Where do I find my tax forms? (1099)

I am looking for tax forms for my income on PopBookings.

If you have received electronic payments for jobs worked on PopBookings, you might be eligible to receive a 1099-K form. 

Learn more about 1099-K forms here.

Who is eligible for receiving a 1099 from PopBookings?

For the tax year 2023, anyone earning $20,000 and 200 transactions will be receiving a 1099 form. Thresholds for 1099 reporting is changing in the coming tax years. To see updates on the new thresholds, visit this article.

New thresholds are in place for the following states so if you are in the following states, you may also receive a tax form:

  • Maryland (MD) : greater than $600
  • Massachusetts (MA) : greater than $600
  • Vermont (VT) : greater than $600
  • Virginia (VA) : greater than $600
  • Illinois (IL) : $1,000 and 4+ separate transactions

What if I don't hit those thresholds? 

You are responsible for reporting your income on your taxes regardless if you receive a 1099 form. Luckily, we have made it easy to grab that information via a report from your PopBookings account. See instructions here.