How do I connect my profile to an agency using PopBookings?

To connect your talent profile to certain companies directly, follow these easy steps.

So you have created a PopBookings profile. Great! Now you can submit your application to hiring agencies. Here's how:

  1. Open the app or log in at
  2. Hit Account Settings or the hamburger menu on your mobile app.
  3. Hit Agency Connect.
  4. Click Search and Connect.
  5. Type the name of the agency you want to connect with.
  6. Click the name of the agency you want to connect with in the results.
  7. Click Request to Connect.
  8. Fill in the additional information requested.
  9. Hit Submit Application.

NOTE: This does NOT mean that you are automatically approved by each agency you submit your information to. An agency still has the option to approve or deny your application depending on their own unique selection criteria. 

What about the documents they are requesting? Do I have to have all of those?

The short answer is "no." Documents like tax forms and photo IDs should be things that you can obtain yourself and upload in a relatively short order. For example, you can do a simple Google search to find a W-9 Form to fill out and upload or you can take a picture of your driver's license.

If there are more specific documents that are specific to the agency requesting the documents (for example, a contract), then you can leave those blank when connecting until you have received those from the agency. Usually uploading those documents and being thorough will increase your chances of being hired with that agency.

If you do save the agency-specific documents for later, follow these steps to input those when you're ready.

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