Why don't I see an opportunity on the job board on PopBookings?

This article explains why you might not be seeing a job on your PopBookings job board.

You may have a specific job you are looking for on your job board and you are not able to view it. 

Job Is No Longer Displayed on Job Board

If a job was visible on your job board, but is no longer displaying, there are a few potential reasons for this:

  1. The agency may have removed a job after it was posted.
  2. The job may have been filled.
  3. The job may have been cancelled.

Notified of Job That Is Not Displayed on Job Board

Once you tap on the in-app or email notification for job, you will be routed to the job board, however it will not direct you to the exact job posting. You may still need to expand your search radius to look for available jobs. 

  • If you are on the mobile app, just tap on the circle in the upper right with the three lines in it, then go to "distance."
  • If you are logged in through the website, just click on the dropdown beside "Locations." You can expand the radius as far as >500 miles. 

When in doubt, you can inquire directly with your agency about a job if you are curious as to why a job is not showing in the job board. 

Pro Tip: It's always a good idea to check your job board often for any open opportunities!

Still curious as to why you are not seeing jobs on your job board? We're here to help at support@popbookings.com.