What do the ratings on Recruit talent profiles indicate?

To understand the ratings on a talent's PopBookings Recruit profile, read this article.

We've added profile ratings to highlight talent's responsiveness and awesomeness to help you find a great match for your Recruit job. When applicants apply to your job postings, you will be able to view the following on their profile to help you find a great candidate.

Star Rating - Review stars are shown on the right side. If you hover over the star rating, you will be able to view the details of this rating including how many times the Recruit has been reviewed and their overall rating.

NOTE: If you see a star rating on your roster talent applications, this is simply a reflection of your internal rating on their profile. You can view the Notes section for additional details.

The star ratings are as follows:


How do I see the Star Ratings given to a talent? 

1. Click on their profile

2. Under "Work History," you will see any reviews from other companies

What do the badges mean?

New - The "New" badge shows as part of the profile image and indicates users who have been on PopBookings Recruit for less than 30 days.

Rising Star - The "Rising Star" badge highlights the best new users on PopBookings Recruit. These talent have shown strong potential by being highly rated by an agency, but doesn't have enough work history on Recruit to earn a star rating.

Top Rated - "Top Rated" talent have built a strong reputation on PopBookings by consistently delivering high-quality work in their jobs. They have high ratings, response rates, and are over-all great users. These are top recommended staff who apply.

We also recommend reviewing your Recruit hires. A Recruit's history of success impacts their ranking when they apply to jobs and may be considered by agencies who are deciding whether to work with them.

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