What do the profile ratings indicate on my PopBookings account?

To understand how profile ratings work on PopBookings, read this article.

We've added profile ratings to highlight your responsiveness and your awesomeness. These ratings allow you to stand out from the competition as your application is prioritized based on your ratings. Your agencies will see these ratings and quickly identify you as the superstar you are. NOTE: If you are not seeing these ratings (only available via app) make sure to update to the latest version.

Here are the key components and how you can shine: 

Response Rate 
How quickly you are responding to direct job invites (whether you are available or not) and messages, confirming bookings, and checking in on the app. This rating helps show you are going to be a good communicator on a tight timeline for event bookings.

Pro Tip: Always respond to your invitations. Even if you aren't available, your response counts toward improving your rate. Only jobs you're directly invited to count toward this rating.

Overall Rating
This rating is solely based on Recruit ratings submitted by agencies and is based on your communication and overall professionalism on the job. 

Pro Tip: If you are not on Recruit, you can view these jobs by clicking "see more jobs in your area" from your profile.

Profile Completion 
Make sure your profile is complete. If your number is low, consider adding the optional fields such as a bio, headline, more photos, etc.

Pro Tip: Reach out to our support team for help! If you have questions about improving your profile contact us at support@popbookings.com and ask how you can improve your profile.