How do Recruit Payments work on PopBookings for Talent?

As a talent user, this article explains how payments work on PopBookings Recruit.

On your PopBookings job board, you will see a combination of job postings from agencies you are directly connected to (displayed with the blue badge ​) and Recruit jobs posted by agencies you are not directly connected to (displayed with the pink badge and the yellow badge )​.

The benefits of working Recruit jobs is that payment is prompted within two business days of event completion and sent directly to your bank account.

Is there a service fee?

Pay rates on Recruit jobs reflect a 9.5% service fee that facilitates the direct deposit. For example, if an agency posts a job for $20/hour, it will display as the final payout rate of $18.10/hour on your job board when posted to Recruit. That way you know exactly the rate you will be paid when when you are browsing jobs.

How do I get paid? 

Recruit payments are sent directly to the bank account that is linked with your PopBookings account. To add your bank information, please go to your Account Settings > Payments

How do I see if a payment was sent?

With our payments tab, you can see any payments that an agency has sent you. To see any payments that have been made to you, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the app or log in to
  2. Click Payments.
  3. You will see any payments made to you in this view. 

NOTE: The date indicated is the date the payment was initiated on PopBookings. Depending on how your bank processes direct deposit payments, it will arrive in your bank account within approximately 2 business days.

PRO TIP: Recruit was built to better connect you with more agencies, build up a star rating so you can get even more work, and guarantee fast payments for jobs. If you accept a Recruit job outside of PopBookings, we can not guarantee your payment for this job. Booking a Recruit job outside of the PopBookings system is also violation of our terms of service and can result in being banned from the platform.