How do Recruit payments work?

To read more about how Recruit payments work on PopBookings, review this short article.

What is the cost to use Recruit?

The way payments for Recruit works is that payment from the agency is taken at the time of booking. The booking fee is 11% of the booking. So, if you book someone for a 4-hr shift at $25/hr, you'd pay $100 for the shift, plus a $11 (11%) fee, for a total of $111. The talent payment is then escrowed and paid out directly through PopBookings two business days after the shift.

Talent are not paid until the event is completed. That way if you need to cancel someone prior to the event, refunds can be processed accordingly.

Do talent have a fee to book through Recruit?

There is a staff fee on Recruit jobs as well (it is 9.5%), which facilitates the direct deposit of payments and the quick turnaround time. These jobs are listed with the actual rate talent will be paid -- this is reflected in the pay rate posted on the job invite as well as the booking confirmation. That way no calculations are required, and talent know exactly the rate they will be paid when deciding to apply to a job. Discussing pay rates outside the system is discouraged. It’s best to always direct talent to what the app says will be paid to them.

Since Recruit payments are facilitated through PopBookings, if Recruits do reach out with questions, please feel free to direct them to for assistance.