How do I create a new event?

To create a new event on PopBookings to hire talent, follow these easy steps.

So, you're ready to start creating, booking, and monitoring events? We make it easy to create a new event for your clients. Here’s how:

How to Create a New Event

  1. From your PopBookings Dashboard, select Event Dashboard from the lefthand menu.
  2. Click Create New Event in the top right corner of the Event Dashboard.
  3. On the event creation screen, you can fill in all relevant information about the event, including event name, job description, additional information for booked talent, venue (location), dates and shifts.
    Below are some helpful tips:
    1. Event Name: Naming your event really depends on the most common format of your events. If you have multiple events in the same city, you might want to name the event by the city name and then your client’s name to keep things organized (ex. Kansas City - Bacardi Rum Tasting, Kansas City - Aquafina Street Team). If you have the same event in multiple cities, organizing by the event name might be the better way to go (ex. Bacardi Rum Tasting – Kansas City, Bacardi Rum Tasting – Chicago). You can name your events however you like, the important thing is to focus on organization.
    2. Client: You can assign the event to a client by clicking on “Client: none selected” and choosing the client from the dropdown menu. NOTE: If you don't have a client set up yet, you can do it from the Clients section in your left side menu.
    3. Event ID: PopBookings assigns each event an Job ID for organization on the system; however, we have also added a custom Event ID option to help with your organization. This is a completely freeform section and can include letters or numbers. This field is often beneficial when exporting events for accounting purposes.
    4. Visible/Hidden: “Visible” allows your talent to view your event normally (once posted) and submit applications. “Hidden” hides the event so it no longer shows on the job board and shows as “fully booked” to talent who were invited. This is a great tool to indicate that you no longer need applicants.
    5. Private/Public: You can make an event “Private” and available to talent by invitation only, or “Public” and available to everyone in your talent database, by toggling the bar on the far right.To send a notification of a "Public" event to talent, send an invitation from the talent booking page. All roster talent will be able to apply to a "Public" event from their job board, and an invitation will send a separate invitation notification.
    6. Notes: This section allows you to add and save internal event notes. You can search for notes content right in your event dashboard for easy access.
    7. Add Venue: Enter your venue name on the top line. This is freeform and can be more specific than the address. Enter the address on the second line and select the appropriate option from the dropdown. Because this is powered by Google Maps, you can enter venue name or numerical address to search for the best option.
    8. Add Date and Shift: Click the Add Date button to add a date, then click Add Shift to create a new shift within your event. Set the number of people, position you are staffing, pay rate, times, and which venue this shift is located at. If you need to edit a shift, just click on the grey box with all of the shift information and it will change to edit mode. You can also edit the date and duplicate shifts as needed.
  4. Once you have entered the relevant event information, you can add documents to the event by clicking on the Add Doc icon. These documents are viewable to talent who are booked for the event and can be PDFs or JPGs of things like product briefs, sample set up pictures or other documents necessary for completion of the event.
  5. If you have a report you would like the talent to fill out after the event, click Add Report.
  6. Click Continue to Talent Booking at the top right to search for talent and send invites to talent for this event.

Congrats! You’ve created an event and are on your way to booking talent who will dazzle at your event!

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