How do I check in and out of my booking on PopBookings?

Once you are booked, you need to check in and out of the job on PopBookings. Follow these easy steps!

When your shift begins, you can check in on the PopBookings app to let your agency know that you have arrived on-site.

How to Check in for a Job

To check-in, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your app or click on the check-in notification you will receive prior to your shift.
  2. Click Bookings.
  3. Open the job you want to check in to.
  4. Click Check In at the bottom of the details page.
  5. Take selfie to confirm the check-in. Make sure to take your selfie with the event in the background to show you’re on-site and ready to work.
  6. Done! 

Pro Tip: The system works with your device's native mapping app to geo-locate you in relation to the venue. If the location is initially off, you can click on the compass icon to refresh your location. No worries if it is off some (not even GPS is perfect), you can still complete the check-in process.

To Check out of the job, follow the below steps:

  1. Open your app or click on the check-out notification you will receive prior to your check-out time.
  2. Click Bookings.
  3. Navigate to the job details page.
  4. Click Check Out.

Pro Tip: Be sure to enable GPS location services AND Camera permissions for the PopBookings mobile app. Check-in may not work if you do not allow these permissions. 

How to turn on and off GPS on your device:

For iPhone | For Android

NOTE:  If you don't have internet access you will be able to check-in with offline mode. The app will record your check-in time and selfie (so make sure its a good one) and upload those the next time you connect.

Still not able to check-in?

  1. Contact your agency to let them you you arrived on-site and provide a photo with the event in the background to show you’re on-site and ready to work. They will be able to record the details on PopBookings.
  2. Take a screenshot of your PopBookings app to report the issue to us with ease. If you find the app isn't playing nice or cooperating with you, we’d like to know! After the event, please report your issue with us at

Screenshots are key when reporting technical issues, along with detailed descriptions of exactly what's happening in your own words. After you've taken the screenshot, be sure you attach it when getting in touch with us.

How to Take a Screenshot

Because the design of smartphones can change with each new model, we let the experts instruct you on best practices for taking screen shots: