How do I apply to a Recruit job on PopBookings?

To apply for a job posted to PopBookings Recruit, follow these steps.

PopBookings Recruit provides you the ability to view jobs with companies that you haven’t directly connected to yet. 

NOTE: You need to ensure Recruit is enabled for your profile before you can see Recruit jobs on PopBookings.

Turn on Recruit on Your Profile:

1. Log into PopBookings at

2. Go to "Account Settings"

3. Toggle "On" under "Enroll in Recruit"

Not able to toggle it on your account?  You will need to submit a request with the PopBookings team to manually enable this feature for your account. To submit a request: click the chat widget in the bottom left of your screen to message PopBookings Support and follow prompts. 

Applying to a Recruit Job

To apply for a Recruit job:

  1. Open the PopBookings mobile app.
  2. Search for events posted by agencies with the pink Recruit icon next to the Agency’s name:

    • Pro Tip: Filter your job board results by hitting the circle in the upper right with the three lines in it, then go to Job Type, and select Recruit Jobs.
  3. On the Job Board, click on the job listing your interested in to view the event details.
  4. Click Apply Now.
  5. At the bottom of the job details, you will see the button to apply to the Recruit job. Click Apply Now to submit your Cover Letter and agree to the PopBookings Terms and Conditions.
     Pro Tip: The cover letter is optional but really helps you stand out among other staff applying for the same job. Also, the cover letter is job specific so you can speak directly to your skills as they pertain to the job.
  6. Hit Submit Application. Congratulations, you've successfully submitted your application! NOTE: Submitting an application does not mean you are booked for the job. You will receive a separate booking notification if you are selected to work. 

Questions on the status of your application?

Navigate to the "Bookings" page on your account. If your application is pending, it will appear under "Pending." If you have been selected to work, it will appear under "Booked."

Pro Tip: Keep your job board up-to-date by removing those you are not interested in or available to work. Simply open the event from your job board and click Not Interested.