How do I apply to a job on the job board on PopBookings?

This article explains how to apply to jobs on the PopBookings job board.

Let’s face it, the reason you are here is to get some work! The best place to start is the Job Board. Agencies post upcoming jobs here that are open for applications. 

How to Apply for a Job on the Job Board

To apply to a job listing on your Job Board, follow the below steps: 

  1. Log in on the mobile app or at
  2. On the Job Board, click on the job listing you want to apply to.
  3. Click Apply Now.
  4. Select the days you are available to work.
  5. Select the shifts you are available to work.
  6. Confirm your selections to send your application.

NOTE: Submitting an application does not mean you are booked for the job. You will receive a separate booking notification if you are selected to work. 

Questions on the Status of Your Application?

Navigate to the "Bookings" page on your account. If your application is pending, it will appear under "Pending." If you have been selected to work, it will appear under "Booked."

Pro Tip: Keep your job board up-to-date by removing those you are not interested in or available to work. Simply open the event from your job board and click Not Interested.

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